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BigBoos is one of the fully open source network monitoring and TT System. It uses standard unix ping command to check the status of hosts.

It comes with in build TT system which supports Email based TT also.

It requires any sql server to store data.It is not based on plain text or any other kind of database.

It notifies by playing sound when the ping returns 100% loss for any host which is being monitor and it will keep playing sound until some acknowledge message is not assigned to it.


  • An host monitoring system.
  • Fully open source, scripts written in Perl , back end sql.
  • Web based Front End written in Perl.
  • Pings the hosts and maintain the results.
  • Provides the downtime report.
  • Manage Full Fledged TT system
  • Sound Alert if the host is down.
  • Host Acknowledgment Support
  • EMail Based TT System , it can be segregated from Bigboos.
  • Multi Group/Branch Support
  • Address Book
  • Main Customer details
  • Any Kind of Sql Support , (default MySQL)
  • currently works only for linux based system which support perl.

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